Terms and Conditions 11111

Before you join our Company’s affiliate network, we recommend that you read, understand and accept the following terms and conditions. In case of any inquiries or suggestions, feel free to contact our support team via [email protected]

Definitions and Interpretation

The terms “Company”, “We”, Our”, and “Us” imply Smileaffiliates affiliate program which provides promoting services to different brands which are managed by a Group, or the relevant Company within the Group. As well, You, Your and or affiliate, stand in place of an individual or entity which has united to push brands which are supported by the Company reciprocally for bounties and or commissions on the players that are named Company in accordance with the agreement. “Affiliate account” and “Player account” mean the unambiguously allotted accounts created specifically for a player or affiliate after the registration has been completed successfully. Both the affiliate and player accounts and their login credentials (Username/Password) are kept separately and they can only work on the specific websites they were registered.

“Affiliate area” means that the realm of the location that's accessible to you (some parts may require the security code we sent you when registering as an affiliate of the affiliate network and associated password) and that provides particular ‘member only’ practicality, together with facilities to envision relevant statistics, manage campaigns, update your profile, produce further chase links, manage chase links and artistic choice.

“AFFILIATE EARNINGS” is the earnings that an affiliate accrues from the activity on the players they have successfully referred to Company as qualified acquisitions. We use applicable commissions, bounties, and deficits in determining affiliate earnings. The term “Agreement” in this case means these Company affiliate network terms and conditions, applicable policies and such related promotion terms and conditions that may apply from time to time. You must acknowledge and agree that Company shall be entitled to amend these terms and conditions periodically because it deems work.  And the amended agreement shall be effective upon publication on the sites and affiliate area. We suggest you visit the website’s affiliate area regularly for updates because the Company shall not be obliged to notify you of such changes. “Creatives” confer with any Company approved advert materials which can be used to promote Company. These embody however aren't restricted to banners, HTML mails, editorial columns, images, logos, photos, drawings, sketches, emails, splash pages, web pages, CD-ROMs, business cards, flyers, pamphlets, brochures, guides, booklets, inserts, fold-outs, magazines, videos, software, flash movies, podcasts, video podcasts and many others.

“Fraud traffic” means that transactions, deposits, withdrawals, revenues or traffic earned through unscrupulous means or any other action committed with bad intentions of defrauding us, in spite of whether or not it truly affects us negatively, including transactions with stolen credit/debit cards, conspiracy, system manipulation, fake accounts to generate traffic including unauthorized use of any third-party accounts, copyrights, trademarks and other third party intellectual property rights.

“Group” means that Company and also the connected corporations of Company put together. “Handle” means that a by-product of turnover, employed by Company, to calculate a player’s activity on a specific product; the entire cash wagered by every player.

“Intellectual property rights” means that rights to all or any existing and future patents, trademarks, style rights, service marks, trade dress, trade or business names (including domain names), registered styles, copyright (including rights in pc software), ethical rights, info rights, format rights and topography rights (whether or not any of those is or are registered and together with applications for registration) ability, trade secrets and rights of confidence and every one rights and sorts of protection throughout the planet of an identical nature or with similar impact to any of those for the complete valid amount of any such rights and any extensions and/or renewals thence.

“Marketing materials” mean the creatives and the other promoting materials (which could embody the marks) that are provided or otherwise created obtainable to you by us and/or approved prior.

“Marks” mean “Company’s complete, logo, device, mark, name or brand name that contains, is bewildering like, or is comprised of the preceding or the other name or mark closely-held or adopted from time to time by Us or any Company inside the Group. “Promotional code” is the alphanumeric code which created obtainable to the Affiliate to supply to prospective players. “Qualified acquisition” means that a player has met sure conditions to be thought of a real price player. The factors for qualification are often designed on a campaign basis.

“Site(s)” means any websites and the other online website or platform that's closely-held, operated or controlled by or on behalf of Company from time to time.

“Services” means the service(s) offered to players on the sites.

“Term” means that the amount of time from the date that you simply acknowledge and settle for the terms of this agreement by indicating such acceptance on the affiliate register kind, till such time as this agreement expires or is terminated.

“Tier” means that an affiliate’s classification of what number first time depositors he has secured.

“Tracking link(s)” implies tracking IDs and feeds (RSS), created obtainable by Us within the affiliate area which you will use to attach players to our services from your website (or alternative electronic method) or exploitation alternative promoting materials, for instance, promotional codes.

Signing Up and Registration

In order to participate in the Company affiliate network and luxuriate in the incidental privileges and edges, you need to complete the suitable affiliate register kind and be registered with Us as an affiliate.

You MUST agree that all the information provided during registration and completion of the affiliate signup form as true and accurate. You shall conjointly provide Us with any other relevant information we shall request from time to time. You acknowledge and agree that wrong, incomplete or inadequate info provided by you will cause the delay or retention of payment of applicable affiliate earnings.

Moreover, it is your primary responsibility to ensure that laws applicable to you do not restrict you from partaking in the Company affiliate network and acting your obligations hereinafter. We could need additional proof of identification to verify your application particulars. If there's any alteration to your registration details as originally submitted by you, you shall inform Us of the relevant modification immediately. For you to verify your particulars, Company reserves the proper, inter alia, to verify your particulars by any means that obtainable to Us. Company reserves the right, while not a liability to you, to reject your application without prior notification or further explanations.

Employees of Company or its connected companies, partners, agents, contractors, representatives, and suppliers (including their immediate relations, spouses, partners, and housemates) aren't eligible to participate within the Company affiliate network. The affiliate program particularly promotes sites that don't handle gambling by individuals’ resident within the United States of America, United Kingdom, Moldova, Malta, Cyprus, and Israel; thus, you need to make sure that your website doesn't target players from these jurisdictions.

Company Affiliate Obligations

We (Company) grant you the non-exclusive, non-assignable, right to direct players to the sites in line with the terms and conditions of this agreement. You shall guarantee (and take adequate and acceptable measures to ensure) that the players referred by you to Us are of the age of majority to participate within the services which they shall go with the corporate general terms and conditions. Referrals from affiliates are thought of as Company players. The affiliate also relinquishes all rights and/or possession to the participants once the named Company and these participants shall be enrolled as Company members before they're thought of qualified acquisitions (subject to the other applicable criteria). You will be exclusive to blame for the event, operation, and maintenance of your website and for your own materials that seem on your site. For instance, you will be responsible for any materials uploaded on your site are not abusive, otherwise, it will be considered illegal because the Company disclaims all liability for such matters. Moreover, you will compensate us for all unauthorized information (direct or indirectly) posted on your site at any time.

The Company affiliate network is particularly designed for you and creating accounts for third parties or trading an account is forbidden. Any affiliate who wants to transfer the account to a third party must request with a written document to Company and all approvals are at the Company’S discretion.

Marketing and Advertising

Affiliates are only permitted to use approved creatives and cannot alter their look nor confer with us in any promotional materials aside from the ones provided by us. We herewith grant to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license, throughout the term of this agreement, to use the marks and promoting materials exclusively in reference to the show of the promotional materials on your site consistent to the current agreement. This license cannot be shared, sold, or allotted by you. Your right to use the marks and promoting materials is prescribed to and arises solely out of this license. You shall not assert the illogicality, unenforceability, or contest the possession of the marks and promote materials in any action or continue of no matter kind or nature, and shall not take any action which will prejudice our rights within the marks and promoting materials, render constant generic, or otherwise weaken their validity or diminish their associated goodwill. You must also agree that any utilization of the marks and marketing materials inures to our sole profit which you may not get any rights within the marks and promoting materials as a result of such use. You must report immediately in case you learn of misuse of the marks and marketing materials by any third party. It is illegal to register any domain names, trademarks or names that contain, are confusingly similar to or are comprised of the marks and marketing materials, and you herewith comply with transfer any such registration obtained by you to us upon demand. Purchasing or registering of keywords, search terms or alternative identifiers to be used in any programme, portal, sponsored advertising service is prohibited. To clear all doubts, all intellectual rights of Company and also the Group shall stay remain the sole property of the proceeding and you do not gain rights by the use of the same. All your promoting activities should be skilled, correct and it is forbidden to procure, authorize or assist any third party to perform the following activities:

Place the marks and/or promoting materials on any online website or alternative medium wherever the content and/or material on such site or medium is doubtless defamatory, malicious, discriminatory, obscene, unlawful, sexually express, sexy or violent or that is, in our sole discretion otherwise unsuitable.

Develop and/or implement promoting and/or publicity ways that have as their direct or indirect objective the targeting of promoting the sites, services or vice normally to any persons who are but eighteen years getting on (or such applicable age as could apply within the relevant jurisdiction), in spite of the age of majority within the location you're promoting. Infringe any third party’s holding rights.

Disparage you or otherwise harm us or goodwill or name in any method.

Copy or otherwise produce a website that well resembles the “look and feel “of the Sites, or promote a website of this nature, whether or not in whole or partially, nor utilize any such means that our website to form the impression that such Sites are in truth the Sites (or any a part of such).

Frame any page of the Site(s) in whole or partially.

Read, intercept, modify, record, redirect, interpret, or fill within the contents of any electronic kind or alternative materials submitted to Us by the other person.

In any method alter, send or in any method interfere with the operation or accessibility of the websites commit to intercept or send (including via user-installed software) traffic from or on any online site or another place that participates within the Company affiliate network.

Take any action that would moderately cause any end-user confusion on our relationship with you or any third party, or on the possession or operation of the sites or services on that, any functions or transactions are occurring.

Attempt to communicate to players whether or not directly or indirectly on our websites to solicit them to maneuverer to any online site not closely-held by Us or for alternative functions while not our previous approval together with however not restricted to via email, chat boards, or spamming our tables.

Cause a gambling pattern of any end-user that's indicative of abuse of the smileaffiliates affiliate network and associated remuneration structure, and is not in step with the aims of the smileaffiliates affiliate network and straightness business opportunities offered in that.

Without prejudice to anything during this agreement, if we have a tendency to verify, in our sole discretion, that you simply have engaged in any of the preceding activities, we have a tendency to could (without limiting the other rights or remedies obtainable to us) withhold any affiliate earnings and/or terminate this agreement straight off on notice.

Unless singly united otherwise, Company will not, in any way, promote affiliates.

To clear all doubts, affiliates are to blame for all prices related to their promoting and advert obligations underneath this agreement.

Without prejudice to clause eight, we have a tendency to reserve the right to end this agreement with you straight off if you perform any activities which are not listed in this agreement. You may solely provide bonuses and promotions to players on the corporate’s behalf that are approved and sanctioned by the Company, wherever you have got an obligation to confirm that the Company’s promotion/bonus header and terms and conditions for these bonuses and promotions use Company’s prescribed phrasing and are communicated and per any publication of constant on your website, email or alternative media. wherever there's a discrepancy between the terms communicated in your giving of the bonus or promotion and also the terms mere to you by the corporate, then the corporate shall be entitled to recover by method of go off of any commission owed to you or alternative means that, the loss suffered by the corporation as a result of your non- compliance with the availability of this section.

Affiliate Earnings & Payments

Upon joining the affiliate program your account will automatically be set to our default commission of 25% of net revenue. By chance you elect to receive CPA instead, your earnings are per player subject to actually playing for real cash after deposit less chargeback, wherever withdrawal while not enjoying or disproportionate chargeback by affiliate’s referred players, could at Company’s discretion disqualify claim to CPA earnings.

Your affiliate earnings are personal to you and you shall don't have any claim to affiliate earnings or alter-native compensation on business secured by or through persons or entities aside from you. You are not permitted to withdraw payments for or on behalf of another third party.

Company reserves the right to alter any affiliate earnings structure from time to time, for any reason it deems work.

All affiliate earnings payments are going to be paid to your affiliate account selected in your affiliate register kind within the currency of our alternative. Payments are done through a wire, NETeller, Skrill, or the other technique as we have a tendency to in our sole discretion decide; but, we'll use affordable endeavours to accommodate your most popular payment technique. Any conversion charges, process and delivering payment to you may be subtracted from your affiliate earnings. Moreover, we've got no liability to pay any currency conversion charges or any charges related to the transfer of monies to your selected account.

In the event that we have a tendency to verify any activity to represent fraud traffic, or to well be in resistance to this agreement, then in our sole discretion we have a tendency to may: (i) pay the affiliate earnings fully, (ii) cypher them in lightweight of such suspected fraud traffic or resistance, (iii) delay payment of the affiliate earnings whereas we have a tendency to investigate and verify the relevant transactions or (iv) forfeit your affiliate earnings.

In case you fail to agree with reports or amount payable, do not go ahead to complete that transaction, instead, send us your complaint immediately in written form. Further, the deposit of payment check, acceptance of payment transfer or acceptance of alternative payment from us by you will be considered final. All the same the preceding, if any overpayment is created within the calculation of your affiliate earnings, we have a tendency to reserve the proper to correct such calculation at any time and to reclaim from you any overpayment created by us to you.

All payment requests shall be processed between 10th and 10th of the specific month within which the traffic was generated. If we doubt the terms and conditions are broken or the prevalence of fraud traffic, the payment request could also be controlled over for investigation and your account was frozen till we are able to validate that there has been no breach of those terms and conditions. In case your account remains frozen in accordance with clause 5.9 for more than 180 days, then in the absence of satisfactory explanation; or proof to prove legitimate dealings, funds remaining in your account are going to be removed and your account closed.

You shall go with all applicable laws and any policy notified by us through our website or otherwise in regard to concealing and/or suspicious transactions.

All affiliates shall be to blame for paying such taxes on their affiliate earnings underneath the laws applicable to them.

If you would like to supply any incentives to potential players, you're asked by us to receive previous written approval before commencing any such activity. within the event that you simply don't receive such approval however provide such incentives, we have a right to reserve or cancel your participation within the program and refuse payment of any antecedently earned, but unpaid, commissions.

Commission as a result of Affiliate at the tip of every month cannot be negative. All negative amounts are going to be carried forward to the subsequent months till any web loss is recovered from web Revenues generated in those succeeding months.

Due to strict anti-money washing needs, we have a right to additional sorts of documentation to verify your identity before we are able to build a primary payment bent on you. If for a nonstop amount of 180 days from our request for this verification documentation, we've got still not received constantly from you then the funds remaining in your account can become dormant. Upon turning into dormant we'll issue a warning advising that the funds remaining in your account are going to be removed if the required verification document isn't received within the subsequent 90 days, funds remaining in your account are going to be removed and your account closed.

It is the affiliates responsibility to amend or add the payment technique of alternative with within the timeframe or the funds is going to be lost.

The minimum threshold for affiliate payments is two hundred monetary unit within the case that the due quantity is a smaller amount than the Minimum Threshold, it shall be carried over to the following time period and shall be collectible once the entire increased balance exceeds the Minimum Threshold.